Gulf of Olbia tours


During the 2 hours tour with Insula Felix Aquabus boat you'll discover the ancient city of Olbia by visiting its Gulf.

You'll appreciate, the main historical, environmental, and productive aspects of this “happy city“. This is indeed the meaning of its original name: Olbia comes from the Greek Olbiòs which means “happy” or “lucky”.

 Olbia is one of the most active regions in Sardinia and went through many different historical periods over the centuries, harboring people of various origins. There has been times of prosperity and of severe depopulation; the last rebirth took place about sixty years ago.

The propitious position of Olbia's Gulf explains its natural tendency towards transports, and makes it's harbour one of the most important European passenger transits.
Tavolara, the so called table mountain, is Olbia's symbol and protector laying proudly inmidst the sea, right near the Gulf.

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