The Gulf of Olbia

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Olbia's Gulf is the key player of the first human settlements in this area and the leading centre of over six thousand years development.

You will appreciate the historical, environmental and productive aspects of this “ happy city“.

The Gulf of Olbia, characterized by the presence of the passenger port, actually has many interesting features. Right in the city center you'll find the Molo Brin and the Bosazza pier which used to be the ancient commercial port that connect the historic part of Olbia into the sea.

Immediately after the Yatching club, with pleasure boats and it's characteristic building, lies the Archaeological Museum, with historical finds of various importance, famous for the wrecks of Roman ships destroyed with the Arrival of the Vandals.

Then comes the Isola Bianca (White Island) who divides in two smaller gulfs the innermost part of the Gulf Isola bianca is the passenger pier with ferries and cruise ships.

Further on the shipyards area berthing boats of various shapes and sizes, with a buzz of activity by many artisans, alternate with granite islets, the first mussel farms, and some wild clams fisherman.

Then you’ll reach the area of the mussel farms and amateur fishermen scattered aroundwith their  characteristic “chiattini olbiesi” (a flat bottom boat) and many cormorants and seagulls darting in the sky.

The last stretch of the north coast becomes wilder, with some deserted beaches, inlets and the mouth of the Padrongianus river that can be navigated for a short stretch.

Finally the Isola della Bocca where lies the lighthouse signals the mouth of the Gulf. Just behind the islet the strip of land of Lido del Sole beach and again behind the tip of the Saline with sweaty beaches.