Gulf of Olbia Tour 

Associazione Culturale Insula Felix

Via Galvani, 26 – Olbia 07026 (OT)
+39 388 1677058 • insulafelixolbia@gmail.com

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Insula Felix aquabus tour strolls in the amazing Gulf of Olbia for a two 2 hour sightseeing tour. 
The ancient city of Olbia lies on a three-mile-long bay, a Mediterranean fjord, where you can see the activities of a modern city and its harbor along with small fishing boats sailing around, surprising seafood farming, and overall unexpected bird and marine life. You’ll have the chance to “touch” a singular lighthouse placed on a tiny island and to come up the wilderness of the Padrongianus river.

The tour lasts about two hours, entirely inside the internal part of Olbia's Gulf, no rough sea to be faced.
We invite to bring along confortable shoes, light wind jacket and, why not, swim suit and sea towel.
Please don't forget face mask and, if you have it, your Covid Green Pass.
The rendez-vous, unless otherwise agreed, is at the eastern end of Molo Brin, 300 hundred metrs from Olbia town hall, in the city center.